Natural Curly Hair (Luxury Hair Bundles)

Natural Curly Hair (Luxury Hair Bundles)

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Our collection of 100% Luxury Natural Curly Raw Brazilian/Indonesian Virgin hair offers the utmost quality for a curly texture. It is absolutely perfect for achieving a beautiful wet and wavy style. While our curly hair can be straightened for added volume, please note that the curl pattern may undergo some changes. Rest assured, every single bundle is meticulously hand-selected from a single donor to ensure exceptional quality.

With proper care, our Natural Curly hair can maintain its beauty and lustre for 2 to 5 years. It is worth mentioning that all our bundles are steam-treated for perfection, without any harsh chemicals involved. For an extended lifespan of your luxurious Natural Curly hair, we highly recommend sealing the wefts.

Additionally, our Natural Curly hair is versatile and can be dyed, colored, and/or lightened to achieve the desired look. It is available in a range of natural browns, from dark to light. Crafted with precision, each bundle weighs approximately 3.5oz and is equipped with a reliable machine weft for secure installation.

-The required quantity of bundles for your desired style varies for a full sew-in style or a handmade wig, we suggest using 2-3 bundles.

-However, if your desired length exceeds 20" inches, we recommend utilizing 3-4 bundles.

-Moreover, for lengths over 24" inches, we advise using 4 bundles or more to ensure ample volume and coverage.

Experience the pinnacle of luxurious and natural hair with our 100% Luxury Virgin Hair collection.