Deep Wave Hair (Luxury Raw Bundle)

Deep Wave Hair (Luxury Raw Bundle)

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Our exquisite collection of 100% Luxury Deep Wave Brazilian/Indonesian Raw Virgin hair boasts the finest quality of tight curly texture. This tightest curl pattern is meticulously crafted from ultra-thick cuticle hair, ensuring longevity and resilience. The use of professional-grade perming agents locks in this pattern, allowing you to effortlessly switch between straightening, styling, washing, and bouncing back to the original curl. For seamless blending, we recommend complementing your look with a matching closure, as natural blending can prove challenging. 

Please note that this pro-grade product necessitates a high level of maintenance. We advise wearing a bonnet at night and brushing only while the hair is wet. To upkeep its impeccable condition, conditioning the hair thoroughly once a week is vital. With proper care, our Deep Wave Raw Virgin hair can last between 2 to 5 years. Rest assured, our bundles are meticulously steamed, without any chemical processing. To ensure the longevity of our Deep wave hair, we recommend sealing the wefts. Moreover, our Luxury Deep Wavy hair can be dyed, colored, and lightened to perfection, offering limitless styling possibilities.

Key Specifications:

- Human Hair Type: 100% Luxury Unprocessed Virgin Hair

- Weight: Approximately 3.0-3.5oz per bundle

- Color: Natural Browns (ranging from dark to light browns)

- Weft: Machine Weft

Product Order Recommendations: 

For a full sew-in style, a hand-made wig, or any similar application, we recommend using 2-3 bundles. If opting for lengths over 20 inches, we suggest utilizing 3-4 bundles to achieve optimal volume and coverage. For lengths exceeding 24 inches, we recommend using 4 bundles or more, ensuring an immaculate and lustrous appearance.